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Hey all!

Okay, so in my post about Elvira (still thrilled btw…looking at my unopened bottle of Elvira’s Night Brew as I write this) I had mentioned that at one point the initial idea was for the WOWMS to be more spooky…and to have just a female host.  So I thought it’d be cool to talk about how it came to be…and have some pictures, too!

So…why William Shatner?  Why the thanks at the end of each show.  Short story–meeting William Shatner and listening to what he had to say started the process of me creating and actually getting off my butt and doing the show.  Long story–you gotta buy me a drink at a con first!

So…let’s skip past the VERY beginning…which was signing up for the class to get a producer’s license and being able to use Comcast equipment, and the aforementioned now deciding that I, and not just a girl, would host.

HOW DID IT ALL START? Well, there were some premises:

I know that’s hard to read…but it’s authentic, isn’t it?  makes it seem so scholarly! (though you can click to make these all bigger)

So…some of the ideas for the show:

–A Horror Hospital kind of operating theater:  each episode torture/mutilate a person to fit in with the movie–to create a creature and/or mimic wounds in the film.  Over the top blood spurts, etc.

–Abandoned El Car:  An abandoned train car riding along on unknown rails….picking up passengers (dead ppl on way to hell)

–Library set, HP Lovecraft kind of thing:  Prof. Blackstone, expert in the occult.  with creepy hunchback butler and sexy hot witch daughter hosting the movies.

As you can see….these all SUCKED.  So, I was watching Ghostbusters 2 one day (which is unfairly criticized) and the Venkman cable access bit was on.  World of the Psychic.  And I thought, “you know, we’re not going to have the skill at first or the equipment to make it NOT look like a cable access show…so let’s make the show just that.  Like a talk show on cable access…in hell.”  And that’s how it started.


So…then I needed a name.  Well, I liked that World of the Psychic.   So I kept the World part.  I wanted “show” or “Theater” or something like that.  You know, like “Spook Show” etc.  (Plus, I loved the sound of the long “Uncle Don’s Terror Theater” which I grew up watching.)

So here you have “____ ____’s Terror Theater” which just would have copied Uncle Don.  You have “_____ ____’s Theater of Blood”   You have “Midnight Spookshow”

And then “World of the Weird Monster…..wait, Spook….no, Monster Show”    Yep, it was for maybe a day, once “World of the Weird Spook Show.”

Then we needed characters.  Right next to the above titles is:

Characters? Dr. Spoook, Johnny Zombie, Suspiria, Nurse, sexy witch–Lilith, Fritz Hunchback.

Well…two of those made it, kind of.  Fritz was never a hunchback.

Eventually I decided on a main host and co-host…so those needed names.

List of main host possible names:

Undead Johnny, Dead Johnny, Bloody Jack, Bloody Johnny, Pumpkin Jack, Dr. Spook, Johnny Ghoul, Johnny Strange, Dr. Creep (!), Dead Boy and Undead Boy.

With pictures next to them of different looks…all horrible.  I think I did well with Undead Johnny, lol.  although I do kinda dig Johnny Strange.

Next to those names are: Suspiria, Vampella and Demonique.  None of which we used.  Other names for the co-host: Morgan, Morgana (used for a witch in 1.3) Esmerelda, Moria, Syn, Pandora (used for Dementia’s cousin in 2.1), Lilith, Satana, Arcana, Nadia, Severa, Camila, Lucretia and Dementia.

Obviously I went with Dementia.  Which I thought was very clever at the time, lol.  And I didn’t think had been used by another horror host, which, at that time, it had not.  (then, watching an Addams Family movie I noticed that it was the name of one of their cousins.)

So I had World of the Weird Monster Show with Undead Johnny and Dementia

Yeah, the first drawings of Undead Johnny always had shadows in the cheeks and scars on the face. Neither of these made it onto the first episode.  Though for a looong time, had a picture of me I took during a make-up test way before our first taping that had the sunken in cheeks look.


So then it was time to make our show.  We chose, Night of the Living Dead of course.  It seems so weird to me now.  Back then, there were two major differences.

1) We shot every segment in one take.  All edits done on camera in the switcher.  Simply because…we had no idea how to edit.  We NEVER do that now.   And we only did it for 1.1 and 1.2 Killer Shrews.  Then, I learned how to edit a little!

2) those first shows we were only on every 20 min or so!  Sometimes longer.  Now, we try to go on–or at least have something, a trailer or what have you–every 12 minutes bare minimum.

Here’s my “to do list” for the first episode:


“Plan out crooked wood commercial”

“get squirt gun for blood”

“Write more scripts!!!”


So as we went, we started to create a world for our characters to live in, that we slowly grew as we wrote more and more episodes.  I would write down important stuff as we went:

–Broadcast from Channel 666 (which was on the 5th circle, btw…we even showed it on a map in I BURY THE LIVING)

–Undead Johnny was sewn together from body parts and brought back from the dead by his witch creator (which i wrote explains his oedipus complex fetish for witches…WHAT?)  Also noted that I was to die at the end of every episode…which we did do for I believe the entire 1st season (I think there was 1 episode I didn’t.)

–Stations surgeon–Dr. West

–Undead Johnny and Severa (Before she became Dementia) were “dating”

–Show sponsor – Crooked Wood Depot

–Johnny lives in crypt, sleeps in coffin.

–Johnny is made from 8 different bodies.

–Dementia has coven of witches and is 1/2 vampire, 1/2 demon

–Head of Channel 666 (The Big Guy) is the devil

–There does exist a parallel dimension with parallel Undead Johnny and Dementia (which we visited in Phantom Planet)

…and more.


That’s it….like anyone is still reading at this point.  Sigh.  Okay, so maybe that was a little self indulgent.  But I put together an episode list for our Facebook page the other day and it dawned on me as I wrote some of our history down, that maybe I should write some of this down before we all forget!

So thanks for reading!

Tomorrow…possible reviews of FORBIDDEN WORLD and GALAXY OF TERROR.  And Sunday I think I’m going to try and see RESIDENT EVIL 4…since I love Milla kicking zombie ass.

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