Elvira, Resident Evil (and 3D) and Batman

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

So first off, it really feels like fall is here–the weather is amazing.  I spent some time outside in the backyard and it was wonderful!

So, got some viewing done this weekend, kind of a pre-October pre-show.


First up – Elvira!  Yep, she’s back and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m also very pleasantly surprised at recent projects that have come back after long hiatuses….and not sucked.  Cause usually, stuff from the past is brought back for a quick buck or to cash in on nostalgia or what have you.  But take Futurama for instance.  The new episodes are just as good as the old series…and I was a little shocked by that.  But happy.

Elvira is the same.  Right from the get go, she was in perfect form.

I simply loved her opening intro.  She was just spot on.  I loved that it just didn’t start in as a normal Movie Macabre, but that she took time to address the character of Elvira and where she is now and what’s going on.  I mean, yes, we’re not talking about in-depth character development, but I do think that no matter how silly something is, if you really want a character to last and to hook with people, you need to, at some level, take it very seriously (take Futurama again as an example…a huge influence on and World of the Weird Monster Show…in that no matter how silly or goofy or stupid it gets, the characters are what it’s really about emotionally.)

So yeah, analysis aside, she was just great.  I loved every moment of her intro.  I could just watch her forever.  Just such a great energy, a great presence, an ease and a humor that I find simply perfect as a horror host.

I sat there watching it (on DVR I’ll admit) and I felt schooled in a way.  I mean, on our show–bad as the jokes are–we don’t really go in for the horror host staple of the bad puns or “Happy Fangs-giving”–that kind of stuff.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the hell out of it when done by a pro.  And that’s what Elvira is–a pro.  It’s like if you watch nothing but schlock for a very long time and then you pop in a Scorcese movie or something…you’re like “oh yeah, that’s what a movie is like when it’s actually directed.”   I mean, I think we do a pretty good job on our show–but I’d be hard put to find more than 5 episodes out of 67 where I actually don’t mind watching every bit start to finish.  There’s very few I consider pretty perfect.  So it was great to see someone come in and do it so well.   And effortlessly.

Cause there’s like a whole mess of us horror hosts out there right now (I think my buddy the Bone Jangler said recently there were like 100.)  Now, I think that’s great.  I’m all for anyone who gets off their butt and does something creative and puts themselves out there.  That being said, though, there’s very few of those 100 that I actually would want to watch on a regular basis (just like I’m sure there’s more than a few who don’t care to watch us.)  But there’s some bad hosting out there.  And so it was refreshing to see someone come on and–especially using her intro as an example–just do everything right.   There was no excess, it was short, sharp and to the point.  She was funny, she worked in stuff about the film, set up her premise and did it all with a professional ease.  she didn’t go on and on or misfire–she was just plain good.

Oh, and her opening credits were awesome.  speaking as someone who’s run various theaters for like 17 years…why the hell didn’t I think of that! :)     Also loved her title card she had up before bumps—awesome.

Now, I wish she’d had some longer segments during the film…but that’s commercial television for you.  (I’ve often wanted to do a spec show of ours like that….while so many of us benefit from not having commercials and being able to have out segments go on as long as we like, I’ve often wanted to take notes on a Svengoolie show and be like “Okay, 6 min open, then I need six 30 sec spots, three 1 min spots, one 4 minute and an ending and then do an episode to that….just to prove we could adapt our show to any format….and you know, take over for Sven someday, lol :)

And I could’ve done without the little inserts during the movie (especially with NOTLD) but beyond that, I was loving it!  So glad she’s back on.

Oh yeah…she’s also still HOT AS HELL.


Yes.  Okay.  So, I will say it up front….the Resident Evil films are NOT good movies.  But I LOVE them.  I love me some Milla Jovovich (one of the most beautiful women ever) and I love watching her kick some zombie ass.  And I love the attempt to somehow try to actually get some of the game into these movies…you know, based on the game (though right from the start they should have just…you know, made the game as a movie, lol.  I liked Romero’s original script from way back when.)   But they’re crap and I love them.  With #3 being the best.

This one was pretty good….but that might also be a result of the fact that this was the first 3-D movie I’ve seen (you know, I mean, the recent technology of the last few years.)  Yep, I saw Avatar on Blu-Ray.   So I was kind of taken with the effects and how it worked (very cool, btw) and while I’m unconvinced that an actual movie would benefit from the 3-D experience, it was just fine for this little cinematic…well, kind of a turd. Best part?   SPOILER…..the fact that with the ending there’s going to be another one…and Jill Valentine is back.


This movie was awesome!  Why can’t DC’s films be as good as some of these animated movies.  But yeah, this was just a kick ass movie and I loved every minute of it.  I don’t want to get too into the story…though it’s not hard to figure out while watching…but it was so cool to watch this movie that didn’t waste my time with “bringing me up to speed” etc.  It gave backstory when needed, but it assumed that you knew who Batman and Robin and the Joker, etc were.  With a line or two here and there they made it able to be picked up by people not into the comics, but did so in a way that while watching I felt that this was made for me, as a fan.  Just great, if you haven’t seen it, do so.

That’s it…kind of scatter shot today, sorry.  Over the next day or two I think I’ll continue with some WOWMS events from the past…more about how we got started, who helped us out, how the show has changed, etc.  People have expressed interest in that kind of stuff…and for me, it’s nice to write about it so I’ll have it all in one place.

Take care!

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