Halloween Candy Collection Continues!

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

Okay…so, part 2.   We also went to Target to get Halloween decor and I couldn’t help taking some pictures of some of the awesome candy assortment.

For those of you who may not have read the first entry or two..I decided to start collecting Halloween candy that I thought was very cool and appealing to the eye (or just gross!)  This is the first year of the collection…but had lots to choose from!  (hmm…need to start checking out Ebay for cool old Halloween candy boxes as well.  Ahhh hobbies.)

I didn't pick these up, but I really dug the little boxes.

Now these I did pick up. I really dug the cardboard holder. Very cool/vintage looking. Simple orange, black and a little yellow. This will be one of those that I don't open and eat!

And the back…Bloodshot!

Also did not pick this up…but thought it was really cool.

Okay…so I already had the Ghost and Candy Corn Dots…but was missing the Bat. So very happy to find these (blood orange inside!) Love these Halloween Dots boxes!

This I think I'll have to eat since it's not sealed in plastic, etc…and then just restuff with a cardboard box or something. But I thought the design of this chocolate bar was awesome!

Didn't buy these…can get almost anywhere. But still. Love Halloween Oreos.

So you throw some candy corn into a granola mix and call it Monster Mash? C'mon Target, you can do better than that!

Okay…not candy…but zombie Star Wars monsters!

Didn't get this…but very cool!

Same with the two above…didn't get, but dug the packaging.

Didn't get these…but might have too. Does it really grow in the dark? and why Watermelon?!?

These were at Michaels….not amazing. But Great Pumpkin so they're great!

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