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Do ya’ll remember that cartoon with the wittle owl singin’?!  If’n ya don’t, just click on the name 
Much like that little owl, Dr. Sarcofiguy has always wanted TA SING so badly!  Er, um, I always wanted to sing SO MUCH, yessss!  So I scrambled some folks together and concocted a meriment of melodious malefactions for the most curiously eclectic tastes! 

So, here tiz:

Here’s just a few titles on the MP3 collection with an accompanying “45” Record cover!  HEE:
I wrote this one, because I hate kissin’ on lips caked with too much lipstick!  It don’t make a lick o’ sense, LITERALLY!  Gimme a lipglossed lip any day, I say!
Listen to a sample HERE!!!!

This one is a song of love and angst!  It’s a doo wop that’ll wop you over the head, but plenty!
Listen to a sample HERE!!!!
Well, this here melody is not about gettin’ lost, but feelin’ emotionally lost
whilst one is huntin’ after a wavenous werewolf!  Did I just say “wavenous?!”
OH, NO I DIDN’T!!!!!
Listen to a sample HERE!!!!

Oh, this JAM will hit’cha with a BAM, I says!  And the title says it all! 
Vamps and Vampires alll the way!
Listen to a sample HERE!!!!
Break out the marshmallows cuz this song ain’t even about
This melody right here is dedicated to the memory of JOAN OF ARC!
Listen to a sample HERE!!!!

Me durin’ a farewell peformance in 1968!!!!
It’s horrific fun with remixes, and repurposed material (?!), along with some “serious” cuts that I wanted to croon on for the sake of croonin’!  SAMMY DAVIS JR. ain’t got nothin’ on ME. . . .cuz he’s dead! 
But still, if’n he were alive, he’d have nothin’ on me!
So click this here LINK to get your full Amazon.com exclusive experience of ME and my MP3! 
Or just get the song ya like!  You’re bound to find somethin’!
And let me know what ya think by clickin’ THIS!!!!

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