by on Mar.22, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

Okay…so I’m 3 days late.  But hey, been busy and we had a huge Burlesque show at my theatre this weekend and that took up a lot of my time!

But it doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped to savor this absolute perfect month…my favorite time of the whole year!  And it’s been perfect, weather wise, with 50′s during the day and 40′s at night!

Watched Elvira’s second show this weekend.  I can just say that I hope there are at least a few people out there who get even just a bit of the same joy I get watching Elvira when watching our show.

And starting this Friday, we should have nothing but Halloween specials from the past to take us to the big weekend…where we hope to premiere an episode 5 years in the making….NIGHT TRAIN TO TERROR!

But back to October…and more  specifically Halloween.  I mean how great is it!?!  If you look at this:

And aren’t totally put into a calm/joyful state…then you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Halloween is THE best holiday of the year.  And frankly, if you’re reading this, then you agree with me 100%.  (and btw, that’s my favorite Halloween picture of all  time above.)

But Halloween can be so many things.  It really is the holiday for everyone.

It can be scary….Halloween can be completely terrifying.  Whether it’s going to a haunted house attraction or freaking yourself out with scary films….it can be scary as hell.  And best…it can be gory–like a slasher film….or creepy–like The Changeling….or spooky and atmospheric–like Th Haunting or an old Universal film…..it can be nostalgic–like Lady in White or something Wicked this Way Comes.

It can be child friendly….nostalgic for our own pasts…or if we have children, experiencing it thru them once again.

It can be sexy….type in Sexy Halloween on google images to see why!

It can be pretty much everything.  And if you’re like me, you cover everyone of these bases and 100 more over the course of the month.  It’s really the time of the year where the whole world looks like it’s been molded to match what’s inside my head all year round (and I’m sure that description fits for so many people reading this.)

I’m SO happy it’s October.  I’m SO happy leaves are starting to change.  I LOVE the sound of leaves crunching under my feet.

Okay…you know what?  I wrote that like 2 days ago….going to leave it at that.  In a few hours I’ll have a post of some awesome Halloween Candy I saw today and took pics of, some of our decorations, a report on movies I’ve been seeing so far in October and more!

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