Rob Dimension joins the cast of Midnite Mausoleum…sort of

by on Mar.23, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

Dimension joins Midnite Mausoleum


As the widely popular Midnite Mausoleum horror hosting show gears up for the new season, season 4 for those keeping track, some behind the scenes discussions have been underway. Rob Dimension, formerly of Late Night at the Horror Hotel, has resurfaced and looks to be joining the cast of Midnite Mausoleum….sort of. It seems, Dimension who claims his “mis-understanding” with the female cast at Midnite Mausoleum are cleared up, is looking to venture into one of the most popular shows sweeping the country.

Dimension has started his “Geek Speak” web series that has gained some attention, according to Dimension; “….this thing is going viral, on my latest, I have 34 views. I couldn’t be happier.” The Geek Speak premise is a discussion of Comics, films, pop culture or anything that is on Dimension’s mind. For more information, visit  Rob has also stated he will continue to release new Geek Speaks episodes for The Strange Kids Club blog site ( and will randomly add more footage on his youtube account.

Blake Powell, the Midnite Mausoleum’s producer wanted to add about the addition, “We are very excited that Dimension is 900 miles away and will only be a part of the show via video. Marlena and Robyn are relived about the distance too and feel much safer but, we all enjoy Dimension’s humor. The Geek Speak segments can allow us to direct new business to our comic shop, plus create awareness about what else is out there. We have officially established boundaries including any and/or all video must be shot with (Dimension’s) pants on.“ At time of press contact, Marlena Midnite, the show’s host, was currently out of the country on vacation and stated that “Discussing Rob’s involvement isn’t worth the $1 for WiFi and doesn’t Foreign countries have enough problems?” We see the point Ms. Midnite.

What does this mean for fans of Midnite Mausoleum? This allows the Midnite crew to have a larger presence at the East Coast conventions that Dimension attends; Midnite merchandise will be available at these cons if Dimension has a table. Dimension in closing stated “I have been a fan of this crew for quite some time, in all seriousness, we think a lot alike. We all grew a rapid TV presence through hard work and they know what it takes to be a success.”

Want to learn more about Midnite Mausoleum? For TV stations and listings, visit . Also be sure to pick up their latest dvd, T shirts or posters. Marlena and Robyn (and Dimension) can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, if you need your comic fix, stop by Midnite’s Comic’s at 201 5th avenue south Clinton,IA or give them a call at 563 242 0188

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