The Bat, Party Beach, Killer B’s and Sinister Glow Golf!

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

Is Vincent Price "The Bat"?Saturday night at 10pm Eastern & Pacific – 9pm Central & Mountain on RTV: Zoinks! Who or what is “The Bat?”

A mysterious murderer known only as The Bat terrorizes a couple of old ladies, meanwhile $1 million goes missing from the local bank. You’ll be beating your head against the wall as you try to figure out which of the 2-dimensional characters is The Bat. Starring Vincent Price, Agnes Moorehead and Darla Hood.

Saturday at 8pm on WISE-TV, My TV Ft. Wayne: What happen when you mix radioactive waste and a corpse at the bottom of a lake? You get the “Horrors of Party Beach.”

A beach full of dancing teenyboppers, greasers and old-farts-pretending-to-be-teenagers is terrorized by a radioactive monster that looks like it’s eaten too many hot dogs at once and gagged. This film has it all! Monsters, music, bikini babes, fights, summer fun, mayhem, drunks and explosions!

Saturday night at 1 am on Ft. Myers’ My TV 8: Stay up late with Chiller Drive-In at our new regular time! Tune in this week for “The Bat.”

This chalkboard makes me giggle.Are you dying to get out of the house and forget about the snow and cold? Well, Chiller Drive-In can help. Join the cast and crew for this month’s Attack of The Killer B’s at the Main Art Theater in Royal Oak.

This month we’ve dug up “The Violent Years” – Ed Wood’s touching story about 4 bad girls and how they turn their town and school upside down. Of course, we’ll soften the blow with cartoons, shorts, retro commercials and other Chiller Drive-In silliness.

Thursday, February 3rd at 7pm. $9 Adults, $7 Students, $5 Kids | 118 Main Street, Royal Oak | (248) 263-2111.

What’s not to love about a year ’round haunted house? Combine that with spooky glow golf, and you’ve got what can only be called the Sinister Haunted House & Glow Golf! And Saturday, February 12 is the Grand Opening! Join Wolfman Mac and the goofballs from Chiller Drive-In from 7-11:30 pm.

Located at 48882 Van Dyke (corner of Van Dyke and 22 Mile Road) in Shelby Township. Don’t forget to bring the little monsters! $10 for the haunt AND glow golf!

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