The BONE JANGLER ’06: "Black Sabbath"

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

Watching Nocturna, Coven Girl Mysteria, & I hosting “Black Sabbath” last night, I was pleasantly reminded of what a great show (overall) that was. Dating back to 2006, the show was taped at a time when Nocturna & I were in full swing, and most assuredly at the top of our game. Since then, we’ve refined , and redefined, our hosting abilities, and everyone who’s familiar with our work just takes our professional hosting skills for granted, but, back then, we were just continually knocking ’em out of the park, further, and further, seemingly, with each new show. Blowing people (including ourselves much of the time) away would be a great way to look at it.

I’d picked Mario Bava’s “Black Sabbath” for Coven Girl Mysteria’s TV debut, as we all loved the film, had never hosted it previously, and the “Drop Of Water” portion of the film scared the **** out of Mysteria when she first saw it as a young girl.

Nocturna’s favorite was “The Wurdylak,” featuring the narrator of “Black Sabbath,” Boris Karloff. Nocturna really enjoys the part where the little boy comes back from the grave, standing outside the door of the house, saying, “Mommy, let me in. I’m cold.” It’s a creepy scene, one that Young Master Gregory finds to be more than just a little sad. The boy’s predicament seems to really resonate with Greggy.

While I love the film as much as anyone, my favorite part of “Black Sabbath” features Michele Mercier in a sexy negligee in “The Telephone.” The scrumptious, and still attractive, Mercier plays the part of a Parisian prostitute who, frightened by unnerving phone calls frm her recently released from jail ex-pimp, calls upon a lesbian ex-lover for help. The lesbian subtext was largely erased from the English language version of the film that we hosted, but, savvy viewers certainly
pick up on the angle nonetheless.

Anyway, Mario Bava was really hitting his stride with this film, and, unlike so many other fine, and otherwise, public domain Horror films shown on Horror Host programs, his “Black Sabbath” holds viewers’ attention non-stop, from start to finish.

As for our hosting segments, particularly the opening bit, I was really on fire, in what longtime viewers often refer to as “angry BONE JANGLER” mode, which is not to say that I was angry whatsoever, as I was anything but. Longtime viewers just really seem to appreciate it the more growling my voice sounds, especially if I’m up close in the camera, in your face. Additionally, the interplay between Nocturna, Mysteria, & I was obviously quite familiar, lovingly playful, and sexually at ease, just the way the viewers, not to mention us, prefer things.

For a TV debut, I thought that Mysteria did a *great* job, and I rate it as her best work on the show. I remember, at the time the show first aired, back in the summer of ’06, that, for whatever reason, some viewers seemed to take offense at her wearing sunglasses, but everyone seemed to be enamored of her bountiful bottom, and thighs.

Of course, Nocturna was as beautiful, sexy, and glamorous, as she always is, wearing a really cool corset, having yet again modified one of the many in her ever growing collection, honing her skills, and paving the way for the design of her best-selling Snake Goddess corset.

Added bonuses sprinkled throughout the 2 1/2 hour show included guest appearances by our good friend, busty Indiana Horror Hostess Demonica, and Micky Dolenz of “The Monkees,” with his bit being shot in our ACTV studio. Also included in this show is our notorious Spike TV bit, shot for their “Ghouls Gone Wild” Halloween 2005 weekend programming. Additionally, this show featured the infamous segment of “The Enforcer,” where the sandwich-eating/cigarette-smoking private eye comically beats the crap out of a female informant, alternately telling her to “Talk!,” and “Shut Up!,” between beatings. Add to all of this a generous helping of nostalgic commercials, and Horror movie trailers (including a few anthology-types, just like “Black Sabbath”), as well as our strangely hypnotic Jesus/Nazis/Astronauts mid-series intro, and you have a show that is pretty impossible to beat. I’m pleased that so many of you longtime viewers enjoyed this show, and, clearly, and rightfully so, rank it so highly amongst our collective works.


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