This Mortal Coil – Based on a True Story

by on Mar.23, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

This Mortal Coil
Sean King, who plays Void Ghouligan from the extremely popular “The Ghouligans” posted a quick 18 minute short yesterday titled “This Mortal Coil” with the simple tag line “Based on a True Story”. The based on a true story always gets me..I instantly through up the white flag and after reviewing countless films claiming the same, I almost set up a barrier against that “warning”.
Before the review, let me give you the actual meaning of This Mortal Coil – Mortal coil is a poetic term that means the troubles of daily life and the strife and suffering of the world. It is used in the sense of a burden to be carried or abandoned, most famously in the phrase “shuffle[d] off this mortal coil” from Shakespeare‘s Hamlet. (thanks wiki 🙂
I believe the meaning of the title has more meaning than you think. The story quickly also became very believable, as I am sure this epidemic is happening in the modern society often.
This Mortal Coil is the story of love and devotion written by Paul Natale, creating a world that you control and falling for the love of your life. Vampires, more than ever are almost a desire to many, so when Matthew (Drew Moore), a simplistic introvert is captivated by a young Vampire, he is instantly lovestruck. Emily Wallace plays the young, wanna be Vampire Vixen and is totally believable in her role.
Similiar to George A Romero’s Martin, Matthew wants to prove his love …at any cost. Without spoiling the film, I will simply say…the was a breath of fresh air for me a viewer and a reviewer. King has proven he has talent as a director as Natale shows that he can write a script that relates to the youth of America and is not pursuaded by the Twilight rage. Vampirism is real….take a bite and watch!

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