Hilarious House of Frightenstein

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Pop Quiz, hotshot!

If you really know your horror iconography, chances are that you’re familiar with the Hilarious House of Frightenstein. Well, actually, no matter how much you know it’s unlikely you’ve heard of this funky 70s freakfest http://www.frightenstein.com/

A live action Canadian production, Frightenstein blended mock horror, comedy and educational segments for a unique somewhat-psychadelic hour-long program that became a staple of Saturday morning television for years. The show revolved around Count Frightenstein, a pizza- and toast- loving vampire, and his sidekick Igor, inhabiting a castle overlooking the village of Frankenstone. The Count longs to return to his native Transylvania…

[Igor, singing to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic]
Gory, gory Transylvania
Where werewolves and bats will always maim ya
The murky moor will likely claim ya
As we go stumbling through-oooo-oooo-ooooo…

[Count, spoken]
I pledge by the sign of the three toed sloth
To do my best to do my duty
To always obey the laws of the werewolf pack
And to never rest, until Brucie lives once more
And takes his rightful place in the annals of distinguished monsters
And I can once again return to that most goriest of homelands…

Gory, gory Transylvania
As we…


(various fawning remarks, let me kiss your cape, etc.)

Starring Billy Van and a small cast – with special guest narration by none other than the legendary Vincent Price – the Hilarious House of Frightenstein featured a fairly lovable lineup of icon-based horror characters in a variety of slapstick skits and musical numbers. Low production values and effects actually only helped to make this show more endearing. Think Mad Monster Party meets Sonny and Cher, and you kind of get the general idea behind this beloved show, which aired for 25 years before taking it’s final bow in 1997. After it’s final airing, the broadcast masters were allegedly destroyed at the request of the producer. Several years later, in 2003, fan-favorite Billy Van passed away.

In 2005 Frightenstein Fest was formed and featured a reunion of cast and crew, merchandise, episode screenings, and the premiere of the documentary “Return to Transylvania”.

You can test your truly obscure trivial knowledge by taking the Frightenstein quiz – bad luck!

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