Master-Macabre’s Sugar Skull makeup tribute

by on Apr.04, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

Master-Macabre is one of the younger members over on HauntForum, but when you check out his makeup and artistic talent, it’s hard to believe he’s only 16 years old. He has been posting many amazing photos of his makeup and costuming, but his latest really struck me – not only how wonderful the look was and how he effectuated it, but the touching inspiration as well.

With his permission, I am sharing his post:

About 2 months ago I did a sugar skull makeup that extended from my hairline all the way to about half my torso for my nana who passed away not to long ago.

I live on a border town so everyone else in my family is like 100% Mexican and Spanish was my first language. I grew up equally in Mexico as in California. My Nana was a HUGE Day of the Dead celebrator. I mean some of my best childhood memories are running around her house on Day of the Dead. Her house was directly across the street from a cemetery so ever year she made more then 100 massive tissue paper flower wreaths by hand and sold them. They were hung in looong rows across the white iron fence of her house. Alongside that she sold all kinds of Mexican candies, had huge glass containers with jamaica and horchata (kind of like the American equivalent to fruit juice), sold tortas (Mexican version of the sub sandwich) amongst a bunch of other stuff. She had 8 kids (and too many grandkids :P) but I spent every Saturday of most of my life in her house. This past summer she passed away in the hospital. They had her asleep the last 4 days so I slept right next to her and had a good long 4 day goodbye. This past February was her birthday so I commemorated her with this sugar skull makeup.

Delia Galvan, my Nana. 1935-2010

She definitely loves, and is proud of you, MM! Keep up the great work.

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