Of Saviors, Bunnies, and Horror Hosts

by on Apr.24, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

Easter symbolizes the ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven.

On Easter, Jesus rose from the grave in what is known as The Resurrection.

Jesus died for the sins of mankind on Good Friday. He was crucified, nailed to a cross until he died. His body was entombed. When his tomb was approached on Easter Sunday, the boulder sealing his tomb had been rolled away, and the tomb was empty.

Jesus Christ died for the sins of all mankind. Christ suffered, and died, so that you might live life to the fullest, with the assurance of salvation.

While the Easter Bunny is a cute, and loveable, dude, a tradition that all children embrace, until they become too smart for their own good, Jesus Christ and His Resurrection is the true meaning of Easter. I’m not even from here (I’m from Beyond), and *all* of this is quite clear to me.

Now, I’m off to bite the ears off of some (preferably dark) chocolate bunnies, and, perhaps, enjoy some outdoor grilling with Nocturna, Young Master Gregory, and The Coven.

Happy Easter, everyone, believers, and non, alike!


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