Police Called To Quell Rock N’ Rollers

by on Apr.05, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

I ran across this 1959 Nashville Banner article today and had to share it – 

Police Called To Quell Rock N’ Rollers In Dell 
Suggestive Dances Bring Arrests As Mixed Crowd of 5,000 Swings Into Wild Frenzy

April 8, 1959
More than 5,000 frenzied teenagers packed Sulpher Dell park Tuesday night for a mammouth rock n’ roll stage show and police arrested six persons who rocked too much and rolled them to jail.

An audience mde up mainly of enthusiastic teenagers, white and Negro, were brought to their feet many times during the two-hour performance, beginning with singer Little Anthony’s suggestive  actions during the show’s first number when he flopped to the floor.

Many missed the going-ons on stage,  however, as they focused their attention on a white couple seated directly behind home plate at the park, standing on their seats and dancing obscenely.

A dozen policemen hurried to the pair and hauled them to jail, amid an avalanche of boos and catcalls from the audience.

Makes my heart proud – The article goes on to further describe the event and describes the couples who were arrested for dancing suggestively. The other performers that night were Clyde McPhatter, LaVern Baker, Lloyd Prince, The Coasters, and Frankie Lymon. The article was also very focused on race, citing throughout very specifically which of the offenders were white and which black. 1959 – definitely a sign of those times.

Here’s a video of that naughty dance inducing Little Anthony. I personally think the cops and papers were mad that white chicks were getting off on a black dude. You go Little Anthony!

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