Texas Frightmare Weekend…what a day for a Horror Fan

by on Apr.30, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

For those of you who have never gone to Dallas, TX for Texas Frightmare Weekend, do yourselves a favor and book your rooms now. This being my first time to partake in this multitude of horror and mayhem, I was to say the least…VERY IMPRESSED, especially with the overall structure of the event. From the support staff (who NEVER gets as much credit as they deserve) to the vendors and the stars themselves.

With the opportunity to meet horror royalty like Roger Corman, Clive Barker, Robert Englund, Malcolm McDowell, Angus Scrimm (the tall man from Phantasm) as well as maestro of the ink, Halloween tattoo specialist, Shaun Kama, Sid Haig, “Hobo with a Shotgun” director Jason Eisner and Cary Elwes from “Saw”, and the list keeps going on I just wish I had the space to list all of them.

From the time we walked in my wife and I were bombarded with a sensory overload of ALL THINGS horror. The day started with going to the Moxley Manor Zombie Walk (of course…how could you not right?) then on to the registration desk and vendor’s floor where two hours before the event started hundreds of patrons were all ready in line waiting for a peak of the stars of horror themselves. Registration was smooth and seamless. The staff member I was speaking to told me the amount of on-line registrants was over 1,800, double the amount of last years early ticket buyers. We do love our horror don’t we?

While on the vendors floor I meet some of the best people around. For example independent film makers like Larry W. Carrell and executive producer Stacy Davidson, with Odyssee Pictures, their feature “jacob” looks to be an awesome and eerie ghost story, plus they were a blast to talk too. The more you get to read my musing you will understand my championing of indie film makers, they are the truest underdogs. I also met Leif Jonker whose film “Darkness” is what I call a classic underground splatter film. Joe Bob Briggs, host of TNT’s MONSTERVISION said of “Darkness”, “…some of the most impressive gross-out special effects since the original ‘Evil Dead! CHECK IT OUT!” Not a bad comparison if you ask me.

I also spoke with many talented artists and illustrators whose dark arts had me drooling at the mouth, especially being a fellow artist myself. Artist Felix Matos, whose underground art can be seen at www.moviesartwork.com, had a huge line of buyers lining up to grab up his talented offerings. Illustrator James C. Cole’s art was just phenomenal (www.angels2zombies.com). But by far the funniest pair I meet, and had the pleasure of purchasing one of his prints from, was illustrator, Sam Flegal and his talented graphic designer wife. These two had me and my wife rolling until the time we left their booth. Check out this talented artist at www.samflegal.com.

After feeling dizzy from the sheer amount of people and things to see we decided to head over to the Q&A session with Angus Scrimm, the tall man from the “Phantasm” films. This 84 year old horror thespian entered the room with all of the fanfare he deserved…a roaring standing ovation. In this one hour Q&A you could expect some of the regular questions he would be asked like…What was your favorite Phantasm? His answer…”All of them of course” Asked if there would be a Phantasm 5 and he said, “…I really don’t want to see another one made, I feel the series works perfectly with the four originals, but I defer all questions about another one to the director and producer Don Coscarelli who tends to be very secretive about these things.” Mr. Scrimm was a great man to listen too, when he was asked to recite his infamous line from “Phantasm”….”…come here boy!” with that gravely eerie low tone, I still shuddered a little with fear.

The Hearse and Shock Rod show was plain and simple…bad ass rides. My favorite had to be the hearse sponsored by Cutting Edge Haunted House (the Guinness world record holder for largest walk-thru haunted house) this behemoth hearse on a 4×4 chassis had a machine gun turret and some of the sickest zombie clowns manning it. I think one literally had an eye out for the wife.

Then to beat the Texas heat and humidity we went back inside and sat in on an amazing Frightmare 101 class on latex mask painting with the highly entertaining Tom Martino of DWN Productions, very cool indeed.

We tried getting into the Q&A sessions with Roger Corman and Robert Englund, but it was standing room only for both of them, and when I mean “only” I mean ONLY. You could not squeeze a fart into that room. So thus we decided to take a break for the evening and go back tonight to see Voltaire, puppet master and filmmaker of the macabre and then at midnight for the screening of “The Human Centipede” with live commentary from director Tom Six and star Dieter Laser, this should be like watching an evil version of pop-up video.

Before leaving I did find out this will be the last year for TFW at its current location. Next year they are moving the event to the enormous Hyatt Regency Hotel, inside the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. This venue will offer three times the event space and almost four times the amount of guest rooms. Plus, there will be FREE unlimited parking.

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