Throw away your TVs? I don’t think so.

by on May.10, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

Today, some members of The Horror Host Underground were discussing how important Public Access Television is. I made a point to say that, if a fellow Horror Host’s show is seen online-only, that they really need to see the bigger picture. Television, commercial broadcast, or Public Access, draws a far greater number of viewers than the Internet.

Currently, there are 2 online sites that air Horror Hosts on their respective “channels.” If you add their highest total viewers together you fall far, far short of the average number of viewers you can count on to watch you on a Public Access station in even a moderate-sized community.

What does this have to do with N.W.A.?

Last night, I stopped by the local liquor store to pick up various items. As I pulled up, in front of the store, there were 3 police cars, and 4 cops, surrounding 4, or 5, dudes that pretty much looked like N.W.A. I got out of my car, and made my way just behind the gathering, saying, “Hey,” to the cop who appeared to be the senior officer on the scene. He asked me how I was doing. “Doing well, thank you,” I replied. The guys they had surrounded were sitting on the sidewalk, sipping 40s out of brown paper bags. As soon I got near the door, all of them were, like, “Yo, do you know who you’re talkin’ to? That’s The Bone Jangler!” The cop I’d said hello to, looked at me, and smiled. I shrugged, and said, “I’m on TV.” It took me a few minutes to get inside the store, because these guys all knew who I was, were somewhat surprised to see me in person, apparently, and, most likely, didn’t mind the momentary distraction my arrival was providing. “Dude, that’s The Bone Jangler! You don’t know who The Bone Jangler is? Don’t you watch TV?”

As I made my way inside, one of my homies asked, “Bone Daddy, you got 50 cent I could borrow?” I told him, “Gimme a minute.” Inside, the guy who owns the place apologized to me. I told him that it was no big deal, that no one was bothering me. On my way out, the guys were all saying things, like, “Man, they don’t believe it’s really you!” I looked at them, and then at the police, and smiled, and said, “Well, I guess I’ll have to show them some pix on my phone. Then, we’ll see if they believe it.” Everybody had a good laugh, when I whipped out my cell, and started showing everyone involved pic, after pic, of me and Nocturna (“Dude, she fine, Bro!”), HARMony, etc.

I wonder how many people were out there on that curb last night who watch us online?


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