Creepy Crawlies on Chiller Drive-In

by on Jun.30, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

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Wasp womanIf it flies, bites, stings and/or turns you in to a zombie, chances are it’ll be on Chiller Drive-In this weekend. 
Saturday at 10 pm EST on RTV: Your hive or hers? Tune in for “The Wasp Woman.”
Produced and directed by Roger Corman, and starring the late Susan Cabot in her final role before retiring from B-Movies. She probably thought that she didn’t need to work in Corman movies when her personal life was crazier than anything he could come up with on screen.
Saturday at 8 pm on WISE-TV, My TV Ft. Myers: It’s a terrible movie that’s easy on the eye, “Horrors of Spider Island.”
The only real horror about this film is that fact that it got made in the first place. It stars a bevy of babes that get stranded on a deserted island with their manager. The manager is then bitten by a huge spider and turns into a fuzzy monster. But don’t worry about that. Most of this film is spent on the girls and their fights, snarky comments and skimpy outfits.
Horrors of Spider Island 
Saturday at 1 am on Ft. Myers’ My TV 8: Stay up late with Chiller Drive-In! Tune in this week for “The Bat.”
A mysterious murderer known only as The Bat terrorizes a couple of old ladies, meanwhile $1 million goes missing from the local bank. You’ll be beating your head against the wall as you try to figure out which of the 2-dimensional characters is The Bat.
Saturday at 11 pm on SE Michigan U-Verse on Channel 99 (Addison feed): Get your zombie on with “Night of The Living Dead.”
Arguably, the greatest horror film ever made, Night of The Living Dead is the iconic, all-you-can-eat zombie munch-fest that all that followed wish they could measure up to. Just remember, the cellar is not always the safest place.

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