Summertime Chills!

by on Jun.23, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

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Summer’s here and the time is right for a summer vacation. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop delivering the chills!
Saturday at 10 pm EST on RTV: It’s the original mutant turtle, “Gammera The Invincible.”
A nuclear explosion awakens a fire-breathing monster from hibernation. No, not Godzilla. We’re talking about Gammera – Who opens a can of whoop-booty on Tokyo. Meanwhile, teenyboppers dance to the Gammera theme song… at least until Big G crashes the party.
Saturday at 8 pm on WISE-TV, My TV Ft. Wayne: Starman dances and kicks butt in “Evil Brain From Outer Space.”
Boney Bob’s favorite superhero Starman kicks alien booty in this superhero sci-fi disaster-piece! It’s got battle scenes choreographed by ballet instructors and costumes that leave nothing to the imagination! But if that’s not enough, tune in to see StarBob and his battle with the Milkman!
Saturday at 1 am on Ft. Myers’ My TV 8: Stay up late with Chiller Drive-In! Tune in this week for “The Wasp Woman.”
Produced and directed by Roger Corman, and starring the late Susan Cabot in her final role before retiring from B-Movies. She probably thought that she didn’t need to work in Corman movies when her personal life was crazier than anything he could come up with on screen.
Saturday at 11 pm on SE Michigan U-Verse on Channel 99 (Addison feed): It’s the 1922 silent classic that needs no introduction, “Nosferatu.”
And because this is a 4-star film, you’ll get points with all your snooty, arts-fartsy friends, and get some “culture” while being entertained by fart jokes! Win-win, baby!

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