Rob Dimension meets the Master of Horror

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Rob Dimension meets The Master of Horror
by: Rob Dimension
MonsterMania 20 has come and gone, leaving the usually peaceful Hunt Valley, MD in ruins…well, not exactly. The Horror Convention hosted some of the greatest Horror Icons and Movie stars with names like John Carpenter, Anthony Michael Hall, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Combs and many more. The crowd was the best yet for the NJ based, it was a great time had by all who attended.

Hack and Danny Pickle

The Dimension Review crew, consisting of Rob and Kim Dimension, Hack the clerk and the lovable, internet movie reviewer, Danny Pickle packed up the family Dimension-mobile and headed South to kick off the Friday festivities. 
I was scheduled for Saturday to host the Q&A panels, I was excited as I was penciled in for The Monster Squad reunion, The Walking Dead reunion, Joe Turkel, The ReAnimator reunion and the Hellraiser reunion…unfortunately I wasn’t listed under the John Carpenter Q&A nor the Halloween one. Now, understand, John Carpenter is really THE man in my books, he created so many incredible visions and showed me what true horror was (see my Growing Up Myers article) so, I was honored to be a part of the con and still be able to be around the guests and have fun. Plus, it was my Birthday weekend, what better way to celebrate??
Hack gets frisky with Katherine
Friday night, at the Convention is always a good time. I always stress to people to grab the VIP passes, the VIP party is so much fun. Hanging out with the guests, mingling with other attendees plus seeing all of our “con family” is always great. Kim and I had such a blast, plus seeing our PA/NJ Horror Club members, it’s was great. They had a Michael Myers cake, plus, if you were lucky…you could see a Michael Myers moonwalk across the dance floor (Brad Loree is always a crowd pleaser). Dave Hagan really goes above and beyond with these conventions and delivers what he promises.
I just love Saturday’s except Saturday mornings after a long MonsterMania party..haha…Kim and I made our way down to the vendors room and promoted the Monster Channel, plus sold some Fear Werx merchandise. I am always amazed at the creative costumes, the vendors that go above and beyond with merchandise and service…it’s such a great atmosphere. I was scheduled to start Q&A’s at 2pm so I was able to be the social butterfly, plus get over to the Fright-Rags table to see Kristy Jett and her posse. Did I mention, if you visit and enter DIMENSION10, you get 10% off? Sorry, back to the recap…Kim had her hands full with Hack looking for boob grabs and Danny Pickle asking people for bus tokens, but she was having fun.
Danny’s #1 Fan

I went and proceeeded to speak with Dave before the Q&A’s started and said “if there is anyway I can help with the John Carpenter Q&A, please, let me know.” Dave stated that he would be doing the last two panels, as he should, honestly, they are referred to as “The Main Events”, plus he really does a great job. As the panels begin, I get into my groove and have a blast. I was looking forward to the 1 on 1 Q&A with Norman Reedus, who is just an awesome interview. Plus, I was such a fan of the Monster Squad film, meeting Ashley Bank and Andre Gower was a highlight. Barbara Crampton from The ReAnimator series was so lovely in person and super nice..just a great afternoon.

Finally, 7pm rolls around and Dave stops in and says “I’m going to be taking over the Hellraiser Q&A, go get something to eat….so you can get back to host the John Carpenter Q&A….Happy Birthday”. I almost shit my pants (sorry to be blunt, but come on…it’s the Master of Horror). So, Kim and I hurry up, grab some grub and get back….now, the part I’m leaving out is…on Friday night, I ran into Mr. Carpenter and stated “you are the reason I am here this weekend”, sure he hears it all the time, he was humble and gracious, but I felt like a fanboy turd. I told Kim “I’m gonna hold it together tonight”.

John Carpenter and Rob

I see Mr. Carpenter by the door, so….here we go. I introduce him and we are underway. The Q&A was a blast. 45 minutes of pure entertainment on his part. He was honest, gave people advice and spoke from the heart. It was so awesome (yes..I’m smiling as I write this..haha). It was a memory I will cherish forever, I thank Dave, from the bottom of my heart…sincerly. You can watch the entire Q&A below. Next week, The Dimension Review Crew returns, reviewing “The Super”. Til next time….visit for more!!

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