Gettin’ my Nerd on!!

by on Dec.09, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

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Gettin’ my NERD on!!

Just passing along, since I have been in NERD mode as of late, with what else has been peaking my interest. I’m a firm believer of giving credit. This is the cool thing about having this site…I can write about whatever I want!! It’s can’t all be Horror..not 24/7..I have other needs!! (Hey, don’t judge me, I’ve been also watching some Springer…haha)
The Jace Hall Show – This show is easily an inspiration for my video reviews that I do. The editing style, the camera angles (I don’t have the budget that Jace has..but still), the awkward looks and segments. Jace Hall released this show through X-Box, Crackle, Hulu …so many outlets and steamrolled this into an awesome side project.
Hall, is a Television AND video game producer, having input into over 40 game titles. More importantly, Jace is an avid gamer..a self admited World of Warcraft Nerd…hey, we’ve all been there (on a side note..I can’t wait for the new Old Republic Star Wars MMO game, due out in a few weeks…). Jace has also written gaming songs like “I play WoW” & “You got PWNED”, that both make me laugh and smile everytime I hear them.
If you enjoy gaming…in any capacity, from old school to the newest. Head over to and check out the news and more!!!

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