Plants vs. Zombies vs. Dimension….It’s Anarchy! (Game review)

by on Dec.28, 2011, under Horror Show Hosts

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Plants vs. Zombies
Game Review (PS3 system)
Sometimes living under a rock has it’s disadvantages, I mean that figuratively, as last time I looked, I haven’t completed my morphing process into Patrick Starr…but it’s close. I like to enjoy a lot of the games from yesterday…not very often jumping to games designed for iPhones or the latest computer challenges. Every once in a while one sneaks under the radar and I arrive at the party a little late…case in point with Plants vs Zombies.
At my local gaming store, I, had a chance to try a demo of Plants vs. Zombies by PopCap games and was instantly hooked, so much so, I bought the PS3 version for my Wife as a Christmas gift, simply so I could play too…(don’t you judge me and my motives). Available on almost every platform, from the iPhone to the Wii, to XBox 360, based around the very simple concept of protecting your home from the Zombie Apocalypse with using your gardening skills…yes…gardening skills.

With the hottest, most current craze being Zombies…I bet you will never see Daryl Dixon arming himself with a Pea Shooter on The Walking Dead, but that’s where the appeal for this game comes into play. Using household items like a rake, a lawn mower…some green thumb items like a Venus Flytrap, Sun Shroom or even a Hot Tamale that will burn those undead bastards alive, make this game a complete and total blast! It’s strategy based, and keeps it humorous the entire time…just don’t confuse fun with not challenging…cause Plants vs Zombies gets tough.

The challenges happen both day and night, both equating into their own hindrances. You rely on the Sunlight to help your garden grow (meaning..your line of defense) but during the night time hours, you rely on your own creativity to keep the flesh eaters back. The creativity doesn’t stop with you…there are pole vaulting zombies that skip your first line of defense. Zombies that use floatation devices like balloons, water floats and some even ride dolphins…yes…dolphins. They carry screen door shields, they drive a Zamboni and keep you on your toes day or night! Never have i laughed so much trying to prevent world domination.

People ask: “Dimension…what’s my best line of defense?” Ok, I’m glad you asked me. I’m a fan of the Squash…his mean, aggressive look and squashing ability makes it both comical and a huge asset when things are looking bleak. The Wallnut is also another perfect “staller” as it take a bit for the pesky buggers to break this wall down. The star as an offensive weapon, tremendous, considering you can drop a bunch and set the screen on to speak.

The controls for the PS3, very easy to maintain and control. The graphics and entertainment by Crazy Dave only enhance the gameplay. This game also comes with Peggle, another fun, family pinball style game that will grant you tons of hours of gaming. Heavy Weapon is also included, but I haven’t played it yet. Retail on the PS3 version is $19.99. I would recommend this one for kids and adults of all ages. Compared to many, this game is mild in violence, it’s fun and nothing crude showed up. Plenty of online choices/achievements are available as well.

For more information on Plants vs Zombies visit their site or, you can follow them on Twitter @PlantsvsZombies They even have a Wiki page with TONS of content –

Have fun and happy New year!

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