Steve Corino & my REAL fear for his safety – My Opinion about Final Battle

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Steve Corino & my REAL Fear for his Safety!!
My open letter to Steve and everyone else:
Several people have been asking about my opinion about this coming weekend’s Final Battle for Ring of Honor Wrestling. This is my honest and real feelings, plus an inside look at Steve Corino who, in my honest opinion…still wants to prove himself. That is the fear I have…let me explain.
It’s been documented by many that Corino is one of my best friends, so often people ask me about him, as a real person. Steve, while he can seem very abrasive at times, is honestly a great Father, someone who will do what he can to help (as he has stuck his neck out for many, yet will NEVER ask for anything in return) and an extremely proud person. He feels, as all professional wrestlers should, if you pay to see him perform, he will give his absolute best. He has dedicated his life to this profession, missing Holidays, losing real life friendships and having this business destroy his family life…yet, when he walks through that would never know.
As he enters the twilight of his career, does he feel that the end is closing in? Of course he does. Does he want to end his career on a high note? Of course he does. Could Final Battle be his swan song? This is where my fear is focused. I am scared for him and what the outcome can be.
Kevin Steen, at one time, a great friend of Corino, is a legitimate lunatic. The persona he has in ring, while amped up, is really him. I was fortunate to call him a friend, I still respect Kevin..I really do. He is another guy, who would give you the shirt off his back..he has a great family. I just think, he is confused. His antics and attitude, ringside or in the heat of battle are what worry me. He feels no pain while focused.
I don’t know Jimmy Jacobs, seriously…Corino speaks highly about him. We have shared a few comments via Twitter, but that’s it. I was a fan of his earlier ROH work, but I have fallen away from watching much Wrestling. Jacobs, the special referee, has a world of responsibility on his shoulders. Lets look at the time, it’s Christmas, both Steen and Corino want to be able to celebrate with their families…no one wants to be incapable of enjoying that. I want to ask Jimmy Jacobs “How much bloodshed do you want on your hands? How deep is your friendship?” The No DQ stipulation has only made my fears worse….my message to Jimmy Jacobs – Please, please…DO NOT let this go to far!
It’s been several years since I was afraid for Steve, I use the word afraid, because this is real. When Corino battled Homicide (years ago), that was the real last time I was scared for him. The build up, the match, the aftermath for BOTH guys. Homicide and Steve have somewhat buried the hatchet, time heals all wounds…but it does take time. I consider Homicide a friend, but I know how hurt he was, I know Corino felt that match wasn’t his best…I know his pride took a shot. At Final Battle, that will be on Corino’s mind…he has made mention to me. He wants to prove himself to YOU.
Steve, I want to tell you…I’m proud to call you my friend. I fear for your safety. I know the real you..I know what is going on in your head. I’m the one who answers the late night text messages! Please, take care of Business…but also and most of all…take care of yourself.
As for Kevin Steen, I hope you’re ready…cause if this is Corino’s swan song…may God have mercy on you Both.
Your Friend, Rob
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