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As part of the “Re-booking of Nitro 2001” segment from the Extreme Odd Couple Podcast, this is my entry with the talent roster both, Steve Corino and I drafted. To listen to the segment, head to http://www.xocpodcast.com/ Episode #11.
Keep in mind, the scenario is – WCW has nothing left, ECW is about to shut down and the Independant talent was very strong. Corino and I are given the abilty to “raid” both rosters and we split via Nitro and Thunder. Corino has already released his Thunder. This would be the kick off show for Nitro.
(Cold open) – Mike Tennay is in the ring, Welcomes everyone to the new Monday Night Nitro. While some things change, some things remain the same. On Tonight’s show, WCW will crown a new Heavyweight Champion – the Championship board of directors has announced the two contenders are Diamond Dallas Page vs Booker T. That match will be tonights main event.
At this time, I would like to introduce a true Legend in WCW, a man who has a long history in this great sport. Terry Funk – Terry Funk comes out in a suit, saying how he’s happy to be home in WCW. He feels that the future is bright. This is where he belongs…He spent his last few years kissing ass up in New York but has also been helping some young, hungry hard working wrestlers in Philadelphia…that believed in their hearts that they had what it takes to become the best. (cut off)
(Cue Hennings music) Curt Henning with Mike Sanders
Curt Henning – saying that what Terry was doing in Philadelphia was far from wrestling…it was an embarrassment. Curt Henning made Professional Wrestling the perfect sport, while Terry Funk was on garbage duty. He then tells Terry…go back to the bingo hall…and retire…Funk calls Henning a Yellow Bellied Egg sucking dog….Mike Sanders sneak attacks Funk.
(Cue Music) “Man in a box” hits…here comes Tommy Dreamer running out …all 4 are fighting, Funk on Henning…but it separates into Sanders vs Dreamer…bell rings..we are underway.
Dreamer vs Sanders – (9 minutes) lots of brawling, back and forth..and weapons. Let Sanders establish he blongs and can hang with some extreme spots. Dreamer hits his “Dreamer-flow” (with the hopes that Raven would return sometime down the line) DDT, Ref counts, 1,2…Henning pulls ref out of the ring…back to 4 way brawl. Sanders and Dreamer are both bleeding…Funk pulls out a plastic bag…tries to put it over the head of Henning…Heels out of the ring…Dreamer and Funk in the ring…they hug.
Commercial break
Opening shot at someone’s legs (pans over to the duffle bag), with a duffle bag next to them…there is a mask on top. You hear, in a Mexican dialect “Time to return to my roots”…the hand grabs the mask…cut to ring.
(Camera on Announcers table) Big Sal E Graziano and Tennay are the broadcast team – Mike Tennay says that mask looks familiar. Big Sal says this music sounds familiar.
Southern Comfort vs. Whipwreck & tajiri w/ James Mitchell
(10 minutes)– Chris Hamrick & Tracy Smoothers are working their way down to the ring. Their opponents – Mikey Whipwreck vs Tajiri w/James Mitchell
Smoothers and Hamrick do chicken shit heel spots. Tajiri and Whipwreck are playing to the crowd. Hamrick does his through the 2nd rope spot. Tajiri hits the tarantula, hand spring back elbow, mist, Brainbuster on Hamrick.
Tajiri/Whipwreck over
Back stage, sit down interview with DDP – Page discusses what the WCW title would mean to him, very humble. Getting a late start, he loves WCW and would work hard for the people. Self high 5
Homicide vs Super crazy (6 mins)– this is early Homicide with brawling vs high flying Super crazy. Super Crazy over. After the match…Rey Mysterio (Now wearing Mask) music hits…Super Crazy is in the ring. Mysterio says he respects Super Crazy, next week…he would like to face him in a for an entry position in the Junior heavyweight championship fatal 4 way match in 3 weeks. Crazy accepts….Sal and Tennay say in 3 weeks..we will be crowning a new Junior Heavyweight, with a Fatal 4 way match….winner takes all
Lance Storm vs Christopher Daniels (20 minutes)– the announcers talk about how both are the future of this sport. Text book wrestling clinic. Back and forth match up. 20 minute draw. They say, next week…they want to go again…
Backstage sit down interview with Booker T – says, he is owed the title. He’s done his time…he has been champion before…he will be again.
The announcers say Next Week – Dreamer & Funk vs Henning & Sanders…no DQ….it will not be for the faint of heart. Big Sal says he was never a fan of Dreamer, maybe it’s time for the fans to accept that Extreme is dead.
Tag Match (12 minutes)– York & Matthews vs. Shannon Moore & Shane Helms w/Jamie Noble – Moore & Helms are the heels. York & Matthews play to the crowd. Both teams are strong tag teams, utilizing tag team style moves. Helms distracts the ref, Knoble passes a chain to Moore…Moore over on York. Sal and Tennay talk about how young the tag team division is…but also how well they work well together.
Main Event (18 minutes)–  Booker T vs. Diamond Dallas Page
Booker out first….Self high 5 hits DDP out…this match could determine the future of WCW.
DDP takes the early advantage. DDP teases for the Diamond Cutter several times, Booker is too smart. Booker cuts off with a reversal into the corner…Booker T is working the back of DDP. Booker T feels the title within his grasp…Booker heads to the top rope for his Ghetto Blaster…DDP stumbles into ropes..nuts Booker…DDP goes for the superplex…pushed off…Booker T off the top rope…DDP with a diamond cutter on Booker….1,2, Booker T gets his foot on the bottom rope..ref doesn’t see it..3. Celebration ensues…crowd goes crazy…
Sal points out the foot on the rope…we’ll see you next week.
That’s it…my Nitro. Would you watch?

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