Big Bugs on Chiller Drive-In

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Time to begin the horror. Right this very instant!
No! You can’t make me watch
Chiller Drive-In reruns!

Saturday at 10 pm EST on RTV: Your hive or hers? Time to get freaky with, “The Wasp Woman.” 

Produced and directed by Roger Corman, and starring the late Susan Cabot in her final role before retiring from B-Movies. She probably thought that she didn’t need to work in Corman movies when her personal life was crazier than anything he could come up with on screen.

Monday at 8pm EST on The Monster Channel: Calling Earth, come in Earth. This is “Zontar, The Thing From Venus” and I come in peace!
A crazy scientist makes contact with the planet Venus using his killer quadraphonic stereo system. He chats with a kooky creature named Zontar, who claims that he’s going to come to Earth and solve all our problems. Turns out that Zontar has other plans and instead causes mass power outages, car breakdowns and controls the minds of Earthlings!
Wait till you hear how "Free For All" sounds on this system.
Man, wait till you hear how
“Frampton Comes Alive”
sounds on this system!
This movie is so bad, it’ll make your computer smell like wet garbage.

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