A Haunted House and The Head That Won’t Shut Up.

by on Sep.11, 2012, under Horror Show Hosts

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Saturday at 10 pm EST on RTV: Pack an overnight bag and make sure your life insurance is up to date! it’s time for a visit to “The House on Haunted Hill.”
A wealthy man and his conniving wife invite 5 complete strangers to spend a night in a haunted house – with the promise of $10,000 to anyone that can survive till morning! The doors are locked, there’s no way out and not everyone will live through the night!
Vincent Price stars in this William Castle classic!
Monday at 8 pm EST on The Monster Channel: It’s the disembodied head movie that’s head and shoulders above all the rest, “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.”
The kooky Dr. Cortner and his beautiful fiancée Jan, take a trip to his weekend retreat. But a horrible car accident decapitates Jan and the doc collects her severed head and rushes it to his laboratory, where he revives it and manages to keep it alive in a cookie sheet. Now the doc needs a new body so he can make Jan whole again! 
This movie also has one of the longest death scenes ever filmed. But we fixed that.

Visit our friends at the Fix The Chapel site and make a donation to help restore the Evans City Cemetery Chapel (as seen in the opening moments of Night of The Living Dead). Join the Facebook group or visit their site for more info!

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