Dimension Update – July 26th, 2012

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Dimension Update – July 26th 2012

Hey! It’s been a while…but here I am! I’m literally sitting in the parking lot of a College campus, waiting for my daughter. Time is short and I’m trying to use every minute. I’m going to be updating this more, working harder to stay in touch…I understand not everyone listens to our shows, so maybe you will read!

Life runs by so fast, it’s hard to put effort into everything. From doing the Extreme Odd Couple Podcast with Corino, to the new Monster-Mania Radio show, running my family life, working on my first short film and Pro Wrestling commitments things can seem overwhelming but then it hit me – I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do!

No Clowning Around is moving forward and looking great. We made the decision to push back filming a month because of the heat. There is nothing worse than being under the lights, feeling the pressure and it being over 100 degrees. I want the best from everyone, so I thought it might be best to wait until September. The film will be out in Nov, just in time for the holidays. If you would like to support the project, head to http://www.noclowningaround.com/

Professional Wrestling and I have this love hate relationship going. I can relate to drug users, you literally get high feeding off the emotions from the crowd. I typically only work now with Corino, honestly because we have so much fun. I’m not getting younger, trust me, I know but I still love going out and being the biggest asshole. On this past week’s XOC Podcast we announced Corino and I heading to Illinois for the Insane Clown Posse “The Gathering” event in August.

I was able to watch American Juggalo, a documentary that gives you an idea about the Gathering…I don’t think I’m ready…haha. My Wrestling persona is usually a smug, preppy type but most people would be shocked to know how HUGE of a rap fan I really am. The mid to late 80’s Rap era was some of my favorites in music. Listening to Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, the Fat Boys, LL Cool J, going to see The Beastie Boys and Public Enemy and exchanging cassettes of underground battles with kids from New York that shared my same love for it, still sticks in my head. Once NWA hit the scene, the landscape changed for Rap…plus it changed for me. The fun left, it was now angry and violent. Now look at me, always talking about Barry Manilow and Meat Loaf (the singer, not the food)…something must have snapped..haha.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Monster-Mania Radio yet, I encourage you too. Doing a Horror podcast is tricky. People don’t understand the pressures you can face, let me share some thoughts;

Keeping upbeateasily one of the hardest parts of podcasting, especially about a genre that you absolutely love. It’s so easy to fall into the “what I hate” mode instead of the positives. My thinking, when dealing with a genre like Horror that is very opinion based is simple – give me your opinion, listen to mine and let’s talk. It’s simple! I would rather hear your opinion on something that just “you’re wrong” answer. I love debates; I hope you make me rethink my thinking. Being open minded will win me over.

Gueststhis is always a winner. Since we have started, Dave and I are on the same page about sound quality and this is always a challenge. The variables that come into play are multiple…from their voice, where they hold the phone, and what kind of phone they have. It’s tough but we are making huge strides to improve the quality. I know I’m no professional…haha, I’m just talking about what I love. I really enjoy asking questions that aren’t the normal. When hosting the Q&A’s at Monster-Mania I always do my best to be prepared. Like many, I am not a fan of the typical “What’s your favorite kill?’ – Push your boundaries and connect with the listeners. I still work on this each time we have a guest.

Niche I’m a HUGE Underground horror fan, I love to flex my nerd muscles but when speaking to a diverse listener base, I need to roll my sleeves down and just talk. I try to keep it general and have topics that everyone can relate too. Being too niche, unless that’s you niche (see what I did there?) can lose you listeners. I want to have a voice for people, to stand up for what we love, but don’t want to be so nerdy that people tune out. It’s a tough line to walk.

That’s it for today, but thank you again for the support. Words can’t describe how much I appreciate it.

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